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  • Lavanya Nair

The Top 5 Spots to Grab a Bite in London, UK

London maintains its reputation as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, rich in vibrant energy and boasting a diverse diaspora. If you're ever in town, here's a list of the 5 best spots to satisfy your hunger cravings.

1. Green Pea

keso s | Flickr

This Irish style eatery boasts the finest cuisine that attracts tourists from all over the world! From signature battered cod-fish, served with a hefty piling of chips to succulent portions of steak, smothered in a rich gravy, this establishment is sure to keep you coming back for more tasty treats. Nestled in the heart of London in Trafalgar Square, one can locate the tell-tale decor with ease. Grab a pint, sit back and enjoy the casual atmosphere!

Address: 92 Trafalgar Road, London SE10 9UW, England

Phone Number: +44 20 8858 9319

Website: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d2311519-Reviews-Green_Pea-London_England.html

Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly? : Yes

2. L'oro Di Nappoli

Emily | Flickr

As the name suggests, this is the place to hit if you are craving authenticity as well as a change of pace. Feast on a Margherita, laid with a generous serving of mozzarella and choose from a myriad of mouth-watering toppings, antipasti and refreshing salads. The staff are only too happy to help out with any dietary requirements and even though you're in London, you'll like you've been transported to Rome! Bask in the rustic atmosphere set forth by this artisinal pizzeria and buon appetito!

Address: 6 The Quadrant Little Ealing Lane, London W5 4EE, England

Phone Number: +44 20 3632 5580

Website: http://www.lorodinapoli.co.uk/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral


Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly?: Yes

3. Taste of Nawaab:

Canadian Pacific |Flickr

One thing the UK is notorious for, is its adoption of Indian cuisine, with Chicken Tikka Masala (interestingly a British invention) and Butter Chicken, taking centre stage. At the Taste of Nawaab, combines Indian and Bengali cuisine to present a truly unique dining experience. One can always count on stellar service along with a warm and friendly vibe to accompany a hearty meal, complete with carb-loaded naan, protein-filled lentils and plenty more delights. Feast on a crunchy samosa or a delicately flavoured Seekh Kebab if you're not in the mood to pig out, though. There's always an alternative!

Address: 97 Colney Hatch Lane | Muswell Hill, London N10 1LR, England

Phone Number: +44 20 8883 6429

Website: https://tasteofnawab.com/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral


Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly? : Yes

4. Rock Star Sushi Bar:

Yannig Van de Wouwer |Flickr

Tradition meet elegance in this Japanese inspired establishment, that never fails to serve up a beautifully blended combination of healthy and enriching sushi. Be it a tuna roll, unagi or a tempura, a light sip of Sake is sure to put you at ease and enable you to make the most of your dining experience. With the incorporation of darker hues to provide a stark contrast and set the scene for an enjoyable lunch or dinner, you'll always treasure your time there!

Address: Unit 5, Merton Abbey Mills | Unit 5, The Long Shop, London SW19 2RD, England

Phone Number: +44 7473 100008

Website: http://www.rockstarsushibar.co.uk/


Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly? : Yes

5. Banana Tree Bayswater:

Shreveport-Bossier | Flickr

If Asian fusion is what you're searching for then this vibrant and chic restaurant is sure to satisfy your needs! Whether it's Thai, Malaysian or Vietnamese cuisine that tickles your fancy, the Banana Tree Bayswater's varied menu has choices for all palettes. Their rustic brick wall interior, coupled with the benches, lining the restaurant's interiors, possess a contemporary feel, the perfect contrast to an otherwise traditional spread.

Address: 21-23 Westbourne Grove | King House, London W2 4UA, England

Phone Number: +44 20 7221 4085

Website: https://bananatree.co.uk/?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=referral


Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly?: Yes

This is just a taster of what London has to offer so if you want to compare prices and browse a longer list of cuisines, visit TripAdvisor

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